Struggling mentally and physically

Hi I have arthritis in my neck and bulging discs. Last year my neck elbows wrists fingers knees n feet n hips are so painful n stiff. Dr thinks oestoatheritis. Had blood tests all normelish had ultra scan no joint damage but 2mm inflammation shows on my knees. Pain is so bad sometimes just walking or moving my hand or wrist is agonising. Knees swell up at night. Is the next step a specialist? I need to know what's going on? Taking naxprozen amertripoline and just started gabapentin does take the edge off also tens machine is amazing. The think is no one seems to know what this pain is. Any advice or similar experience s would be amazing. I'm really struggling mentally with everything at the mo . Not sure what to do next.
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Tracie x


  • dreamdaisy
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    I think the docs know it is osteoarthritis and probably assume you know it too but knowing and accepting are two different things. Blood tests do not apply with the diagnosis of OA but the inflammation is a sign and the meds you are taking are the right ones for it. They do not remove the pain, the symptoms, the distress, the fear and the worry but you know you are doing all you can on the medical front to deal with it. Far harder is learning to deal with it emotionally and physically, I think that is the real challenge and one we all deal with on a daily basis. DD

    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
  • Tracie
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    Thank you dreamdaisy I think your right Everything feels so challenging overwhelming at mo.
    It really helps to know you guys are out there sharing your experience s and advice.
    Tracie x
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    We are all connected by shared experiences, in our case pain and often frustration from our medical staff because they don’t have enough weapons in their armoury to help us. Imagine being a doctor and having to deal with me!

    lack of a diagnosis can be a problem but not insurmountable. In this life there are more things to please than there are to be concerned about and a full diagnosis will come your way, one day, don’t miss out on life’s better times in between.

    its a grin, honest!