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I have just placed my fortnightly Morrisons home delivery order, quite a few things were out of stock but luckily nothing I need, the biggest problem is they have no delivery slots until Thursday due to increased usage of the service! I think I have enough to last until then but I may run out of shower gel so at least I will have an excuse to be smelly for a while 😀 sometimes it hurts to shower anyway!


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    Yes, there was a lot of stuff out of stock at Sainsbury's today too. My carer picks up a few things for me on Tuesday afternoons and she returned with reports of empty shelves; clearly the hoarders had been again. I'm resigned to losing quite a lot of weight over the next few weeks, and possibly beyond.

    I hope your delivery goes okay, Mike. I find showering fairly tiring and I often opt for a sponge wash at the basin, which I think is good enough. I wash my hair in the kitchen sink. It's a glamorous life 🤣

    PsA (psoriatic arthritis) and other things since 1990. Happy to help when I can :-)
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    Sorry if this is a bit 'off topic'

    It seems that one can 'shop' at the essential Off-licence but not the Garden centre. But it's alright to buy plants if your local supermarket has them.

    Someone must know what they're doing and why. But it makes you wonder ....

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    First delivery from Morrisons today for over a month, just had an email stating that 10 items are missing and 8 have been substituted some of which bemused me as they are totally different, will not be used and cannot be returned which will be a waste; as I have no transport I cannot donate them to a food bank. Apart from the waste of food it has cost me money that I can ill afford. At least I will have some food I suppose.

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    Hi Mike glad you got a delivery of sorts. I had to go to the supermarket yesterday as we have been unable to get any form of home delivery.As we were going we had several lists from other people in the village who are unable to get out at all ( a couple have cancer) so hubby and me went to the town 30 miles away where our nearest supermarkets are and we could get to more than one shop. We had a trying morning getting most of the essentials but everyone was happy except the person who wanted bean shoots there were none in 3 shops and marigold gloves I could only get some designer things with flowers around the top but they had to do.

    I have to admit I am totally wiped out today as shopping for ourselves is tiring enough, I couldn't find flour anywhere either.