Not on meds. Am I still at risk?


I had bad reactions from meds when first diagnosed with RA so was told just to use paracetamol when needed. I've managed quite well like that for a few years now. The last few years' blood tests have come back as 'normal' but have been told that doesn't mean I no longer have RA. I still get pains in my joints, swollen joints and fatigue now and again when I can hardly get up and about. Haven't seen my rheumatologist for a few years as I got a letter saying no further action to be taken.

Now that people who are more at risk are being asked to be more careful to avoid catching Covid 19, I don't know if I am at more risk or no more at risk than someone who is relatively healthy. I'm guessing that I'll probably be ok as I'm not taking meds to suppress my immune system. What are your thoughts, please?