Just a little 'vent'

I am a bit fed up at the moment, it is my sons 50th birthday on Sunday, mothers day. I dont see him much and because I'm in the high risk group, it would be silly to join him and his lady to celebrate, I guess these things are sent to try us. 😠😠


  • Turbogran
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    They sure are numpty my husband and I should have been going on a 19 day cruise for our 50th wedding anniversary in June that is now a no no because we are both over 70 and I am asthmatic so so both in the at risk group. But well needsmust and we will have the cruise at a later date but it’s out really the same is it.

  • numptynora
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    Oh Turbo' that is a great shame, 19 days, that will be fab', I'm sure the cruise line will be able to defer it for you. Where were you going? I've done the Med' and Baltic. 😎😎

  • louisealice
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    I was due to leave next Tuesday for 2 weeks in a friends villa - 4 old school friends all together.

    all flights cancelled so it's off. Same as Turbo very disappointed.

    then I saw the stories and pictures of people stuck abroad, in hotels or on cruise ships, trying to get home somehow; now I'm saying to myself at least we didn't get stuck.

    and there will be another year and I will certainly appreciate it even more.

  • Mike1
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    Havn't had a holiday for over 10 years! My "holidays" mean sitting in the back garden when it is warm enough instead of being in front of the telly.

  • numptynora
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    That sound like my holidays for the last umpteen years Mike1. I was thinking about holidays the other day and I decided there aren't many/if any, places to go that are safe ie. Terror attacks etc

  • Airwave!
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    There is nothing to stop us going on our annual cruise around the oceans, who’s up for it?

    I shall volunteer my services as bar steward.......I’ve learnt a new drink it’s called gin gin gin and tonic, wonderful!

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