Spinal Anaesthesia for TKR

Hi All
Went for my pre -op last Friday for my TKR and was told by pre op nurse I would be likely having my surgery under spinal anaesthesia and would be awake .
This has unnerved me a great deal as I was hoping to be asleep during procedure .
The thought of lying there for 2 hours listening to all noises in theatre scares me to death .
Just wondered if anyone on here had had joint replacement under spinal and how they found it .


  • clonsea
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    Hello, Jules70

    I had my first THR ten years ago, under general anaesthetic and ended up in hospital for 8 days. After that experience - (nerves damaged, 1" leg length discrepancy needing built up shoe - and a Metal-on-metal prosthetic requiring continuing follow-up monitoring) - I put off having the other one done until last year.

    What a difference! Comfortably sedated, 2 anaesthetists at my head end, talking quietly. I was vaguely aware of others in the room but they didn't seem like anything to do with me. Short time in recovery then back on the ward for tea and toast. Total time in hospital 36 hours then home feeling really well in myself.

    Based on my experiences I would say 'Nothing to worry about'.

    Hope this helps!

  • Jules70
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    Ok thankyou for that it has helped to calm down my anxiety I’ve never had to have major surgery before and I’ve never had spinal anaesthetic so have no idea what to expect
  • frogmorton
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    The sedate you anyway so you don't really know what's going on.  It's far safer for your health recovery I quicker to so go for it!  If you want you can always ask to have headphones on and your favourite music playing??

    Do let us know how you get on 🙂