Missed an adalimumab (Humira) injection


Hi, my wife hates forums (fora?) so here's a question on her behalf. She self-injects adalimumab every two weeks but one was damaged recently on holiday so she had to miss that one. She injected on our return but that was only 4 days ahead of the next scheduled one. The leaflet in the package says if you miss one, inject as soon as you can, then do the next one to the original schedule (ie in this case do the second one only four days later). She is concerned about doing two so close together but can't get hold of the hospital specialist to ask advice. Has anyone else had this experience please, and what was the advice please? Many thanks for your help.


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    I have had something similar happen (I've been on humira for over ten years) and I did not inject as soon as I could, I waited until the next dose was due (which, like your wife, was only a matter of days) .

    Given that humira is fortnighly I would not recommend injecting to adhere to this schedule, in fact I have lost count of how many schedules I've set up but are then interrupted for various reasons. If I were she I would start a new fortnightly schedule based upon the injection I had just done. My humira is supplied by Healthcare at Home who always reiterate that if I have any questions I can contact their pharmacy. Could this be another option for you?

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    Hello staringatthescreen

    welcome to the forums and it's good to be asking questions on behalf of your wife. We would certainly recomment that you speak to a pharmacist or your GP about when would be the best time to take you next dose as you have only recently taken one. These are difficult times but I am sure a pharmacist would be able to answer the question for you. Maybe phone your local chemist. Please let us know how you get on as I am sure others will be asking similar questions

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    I totally agree with the other comments advice is necessary here. I always go to my pharmacist first of course they'll be super-busy at the moment, but they will do their best to help.

    Only once can I remember someone on here calling forums fora that was a while back!

    Really glad you posted for your wife 🙂

  • staringatthescreen

    Many thanks for all your comments, particularly dreamdaisy's personal experiences. Lovely to have a forum with so many active participants. Particularly in the current additional coronavirus risk environment my wife is concerned by the thought of injecting twice in 4 days and had also concluded that establishing a new fortnightly regime might be best. In her experience the Healthcare at Home pharmacist is helpful but really only goes off he manufacturer's leaflet. My wife has now also taken a different route to contact her specialist support team so we'll see what happens. Thanks again!

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    Hi staringatthescreen,

    Welcome to the forum - it's great to meet you. Great help from all our members already, just to add there is an online option with NHS111

    It might be a good way to go - if they give you a clear answer do share with us, it will be of help to lots of us that use the forum

    Take care