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I have been sent home from work to work at home for 12 weeks due to being on methotrexate. I work in a home visiting environment as a nurse. I did not request this an was fairly taken aback. Now 3 days later I’m being asked to prove that I qualify as vulnerable. I can’t find a definitive answer to this online and cannot get a response from Rheumatology service. Can anyone help , please ?


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    Hi Nettie1,

    Welcome to the forum, this is understandably a confusing time for you.

    Here is the link to the Versus Arthritis information on COVID-19. There is a section on 'at risk' groups.

    We also have a thread dedicated to COVID related questions which you may find useful.

    I also recommend reaching out to your GP for their guidance.

    Best wishes,


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    Hello, methotrexate is a DMARD which controls disease activity by suppressing the immune system, thus you are classed as being in the vulnerable category, regardless of age. I presume you also have an annual flu jab, yet another qualification to be in this group. It is strange that you have been rightly told to work from home but now have to prove you are compromised: who sent you home and who is asking?

    The government has not at any time specified that an auto-immune arthritis renders one eligible but, given the fact that we are immuno-suppressed, that is enough for this common sense rule to be applied. In times of pandemic personal desires and wishes become irrelevant, what matters is taking the right steps to secure one's health, and that of others, as much as possible. I recently brewed a nasty case of tonsilitis for around a fortnight before the first symptoms showed, we have no idea we are ill because we do not produce symptoms until somethinb has a real hold. DD

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