Heating or lack of it!

I live in a sheltered housing bungalow owned by Live West, a housing association. I have had no central heating for over a year and the repair/replacement saga has been going on since last May. During this period Live West workers and contractors have been several times, some said that the current system could not be repaired; some said that it could be repaired; some said that there were no spares; one chap arrived with spares but couldn't fix it; another said that they were waiting for spares; a plumber was sent to install electrical spares which did not exist. After a few months in the summer they decided to install a new system. An asbestos survey was undertaken just before xmas prior to installing the new system but the existing boiler was not checked for asbestos. The installation contractors said that the new equipment had to be installed in the garden as Live West would not allow it to be installed at the front of the property despite my bungalow being in an unobtrusive location. An appointment was made for the contractors to start work in January; the day before they were due they phoned to say that it had been postponed as the old system may have asbestos in it, on contacting the Live West Manager he stated that they were unsure whether it contained asbestos (despite several surveys in the past 5 years). Several weeks later an appointment was made for Shield to remove the old system, after arriving several hours late they said that they could not do the work as Live West had not disconnected the old system.  Surprisingly I went ballistic and explained that I have had to wear 3 layers of clothing and a blanket during the winter, have huddled over my one electric heater and have experienced a lot more pain than normal, as a result an electrician came this week and disconnected the defunct system, the asbestos people are coming today to take the boiler out and I was looking forward to being warm at last...........then I received an email this morning which stated:

"I am sorry to say we have been told to put on hold all heating upgrades until further notice. It is deemed unsuitable to have three or four people working in your home during the coronavirus outbreak. You will be one of the first to have your new system installed, as soon as I am given the go ahead."

I joked to my Home Help the other day that I anticipated getting central heating by next Winter but given current experiences I didn't hold out much hope and it would appear that I was not far wrong!

There are only 10 cases of Coronavirus in Cornwall!



  • numptynora
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    Oh Mike1 that is utterly disgraceful, have you tried your local MP and/or the newspapers there has got to be someone that could help with the situation,surely it wouldn't take 3/4 people to do the job?

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  • dreamdaisy
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    Mike, that is awful. You have been failed badly by your landlord and some adverse publicity won't do them any harm but at the moment attentions are very much elsewhere.

    There aren't many cases in Suffolk but one has been confirmed just round the corner from me. DD

    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
  • stellabean
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    Oh Mike that is so wrong okay they have got the virus as an excuse at the moment but what about all the other months of delay. I know things are busy for everyone but I would try your MP the housing association should be ashamed of themselves, if they were a private landlord you can bet they would end up being prosecuted, DD is right adverse publicity can't hurt. Hoping you can keep warm and healthy.Stella

  • Mike1
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    Thanks for the advice about contacting my MP and shaming the housing association but I don't want to rock the boat at the moment. My sister is in private rental and has been on the housing list for over 7 years, she is trying to get assigned to a bungalow near me so that she can become more of a carer, although she has OA herself. At the moment the association have made favourable noises but want independent medical proof that I need her, luckily I had an assessment for a new wheelchair from an OT last week and she included a bit about needing a carer and referred to my sister in her report so when I get a copy I can let my sister have it to pass on. Hopefully it will do the trick.

  • stellabean
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    Good luck Mike I hope it works out and you get heating before another winter.