I am a nurse and live with my husband and son on biologic .injections.surely I will be a danger

I am beside myself with anxiety and dread that they will get covid 19 from me because of work.

I have tried to contact people to ask the question. Ive asked occupational health, public health england tried tospeak to a gp with no luck.I feel that I should isolate with rhem in order to keep them safe and potentially save their lives.not one of the professionals have been able to answer my question!! Just beccause the government havent thought of this type of problem doesnt mean I should be forced to work with the disease and pass it to them. Everyone just quoted the governments unrealistic shielding advice which is really for people in normal jobs who can distance themselves from each other.

Please can somebody offer me some advice. I am desperate.



  • Brynmor
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    Hi Pinkpig1 and welcome to the online community.

    It is so understandable that you are so worried in these stressful times. As a nurse you are vulnerable and as you say you may have problems in distancing yourself from your colleagues in a work environment.

    There are probably others in your same circumstances among your co-workers: is it possible to find out what they are doing?

    It is worth looking at the level of risk for your husband and son who are receiving biologics by injection. You can do this through our Information for rheumatology patients about COVID-19.

    If your assessment of the risk shows that they should be distancing themselves and social isolating, then you will need to decide what personal and domestic arrangements you will all need to take.

    Please do give our free Helplines a call on 0800 5200 520 - they are open Monday - Friday 9:00am - 8:00pm and also come back to tell us what you have decided.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Pinkpig1

    I'm so sorry you are feeling so anxious about the situation. We understand your frustrations and would echo Brynmor’s comments completely. 

    I have asked our Health Information Team if they can provide any additional insight that might help you to make decisions. 

    They suggest that, in addition to using the at-risk calculator to help inform your decisions around reducing the risk to your husband and son, it might be a good idea to contact the rheumatology department(s) involved. They may be better placed to speak about the situation and give advice.

    As you are feeling so anxious, we would also suggest that you raise your concerns with your employer. There are specific guidelines in place to protect employee health and wellbeing during the COVID-19 crisis. Although we cannot give specific advice, we are aware that all hospitals will have their own procedures for infection control.  Some of the measures we are aware of are not travelling in uniform and taking particular care with hand and clothes washing on returning home.

    It is, of course, important to ensure that, if you feel you have developed any of the symptoms, you should at that point start seven days of self-isolation, including isolation from people in your household, to reduce the risk of spreading it.

    Best wishes and thanks for the work you're doing under these very trying circumstances.

    Mags, Helpline advisor