Anxiety and sleep problems

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Are lots of you finding anxiety and sleeping with the Coronavirus difficult, its on my mind most of the time


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    Hello and welcome to the Versus Arthritis online Community.

    Yes, this is an anxious time for many people and an added worry on top of living with arthritis. We are providing a main source of information on our website with links to the latest updates available:

    A useful link from this page is the Coronavirus and arthritis - FAQs page which includes the following:

    If you're feeling worried about COVID-19, The Mental Health Foundation has produced tips to help people cope with anxiety. Ideas include:

    • looking after yourself, so you feel more able to cope with whatever happens
    • try to manage how much you follow on the media. There's a lot of misinformation being spread. Make sure
    • you are only looking at reliable sources of information, like the NHS and GOV.UK
    • talking to friends and family about your worries.

    Do visit these links and also look after yourself.

    Best wishes


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    Hello, one can only agree that these are worrying times but I can't say that I am having any more trouble than usual with sleeping. I am the high risk group but, having been indoors since the beginning of March with a non covid 19 bug, I am not that worried about catching it. I have increased my usual hygiene routines to include washing all shopping and am avoiding all physical contact, as I see it life will go one of two ways because that is what it does: something happens or it doesn't. By behaving sensibly and living a temporarily restricted life then I am doing my bit to ensure that I don't get it. If I do, however, that will also go one of two ways.

    When I cannot sleep I work on breathing more effectively and focus my mind on a happy memory or a pointless alphabet list. If that doesn't work then I make a cuppa and read my Kindle. I am 23 years in with psoriatic and osteoarthritis and am 61. DD

    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    I have the same problem I barely get any sleep at the moment
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    Two hours a night on average for the past couple of years, then I nod off a few times during the day for between 10 and 20 minutes. Went to GP 12 months ago and he said that it didn't matter if I nodded off during the day as I can't work anyway - no specific diagnosis and no treatment.

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    I havent been sleeping as well as I usually do, have also been finding it difficult to focus on tasks.
    With the Corona virus I've found a lot are experiencing the same problems.
    This is something unknown we have never had to deal with before, and hopefully wont have to again. It is a very uncertain time, from seeing the effects the virus has had on other countries, we know we have a very tough time ahead of us, many of us will be separated from loved ones for months. Some will be affected financially and some will worry about difficulty in getting food, medicines etc. Some may also feel helpless as the situation is out of our control.
    Less sleep and anxiety are normal ar times like this. We can only do our best to escape catching the virus.
    If you feel vulnerable or need a chat, you can register on the government website for a volunteer to chat with. I find talking to people and keeping busy helps.
    Take care, stay safe x