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Exercise ideas for our time in lockdown

wazz42wazz42 Posts: 70

Hi thought it might be good to think of some exercise ideas - I've been feeling especially stiff and achy and I'm putting it down to less moving around and sitting inone position for too long. To get over it I've been going in the garden, doing lots of things I find hard at the best of times and generally making it all much worse.

So my exercise was walking - around shops and generally, using my exercise bike a bit that I got after my TKR though that had tailed off and doing the usual up and about of visiting, having people here etc

This one doesn't take long, I think 6 minutes, but it can be done regularly throughout the day and only uses a chair. You remain sitting throughout - try it out, let me know what you think and post your own favourite exercise for us to share

Mum and I have said we will do this together at 11 ses and afternoonses - and no biscuits I promise 😊


  • dreamdaisydreamdaisy Posts: 31,214

    That's a good idea. I must confess I am doing no more than my usual and see no reason to apart from Introducing extra walking to compensate for my not plodding round the shops. I do at least 200 paces round the kitchen island whilst the tea brews. I make lots of tea. DD

    What a day. Not much happened and then I was tired.
  • YvonneHYvonneH Posts: 156 admin
    edited March 26

    Good idea,

    I do have steps (12) to get onto the garden - or an alternative 2 steps plus and gentle slope, no prizes for knowing which one I prefer. However I'm now making sure I go the steep way at lease once each day, Daisy new knee is a bit looser for it and old knee might benefit from it and last a bit longer re pain

    Yvonne x

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