My medication and COVID 19


Hi everyone,

I have been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis since last year and was doing well on Sulfasalazine/Hydroxychloroquine combination. With the unfold of COVID 19 I was scared and stayed at home from early days, However, because my husband kept working until the government told everyone to stop going out, I stopped taking my medicines in fear of getting terrible infection and keeping my immunity high. Now I feel my joints kind of swollen and somepain came back to my elbow. I have no appointment with my rheumatologist in the near future and my GP advised me to keep taking the medicine with extra precautions. My borough is one of the top in COVID 12 infections and it seems we can not avoid it because my husband takes my child to walk in the building communal garden.

I am 32Years old and not very active because of my joints pain. I have no other morbidities.

I would like to hear from you if you know about people on this medications and survived COVID infection without hospitalization.

Thanks in advance🌹


  • Al
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    Hi and welcome in these unusual times,I am in no way medical but can I suggest yu look at our covid19 article and if you feel unsure contact our helpline 0800 5200 520,sorry if this advice sounds like I'm passing the buck but I really do not have any medical experience.I hope this helps.


  • felicityh
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    You should not ever stop your medications without consulting your doctor. Sulfasalazine and hydroxychloroquine are both meds that you are allowed to continue, even if you get COVID-19, unlike other DMARDs and biologics. They do not increase your risk level. Having a flare DOES increase your risk level in terms of infections so by stopping your medications you are putting yourself at more risk than if you continued with them. Speak to your rheumatology team about your worries around this virus so they can help put your mind at ease. Please never stop medications for no good reason without talking to a doctor first. I know it is scary but we have to be sensible and use our common sense. PsA is not something you want to mess around with x

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    Do not stop taking your meds without the express permission of your rheumatologist. Sulph and hydroxy are at the milder end of the DMARDs, what advice were you given when you started them about hand hygiene etc?

    I too have PsA (I began in 1997) but for various reasons mostly concerning medical ignorance began the meds far too late for them to do anything more than control disease activity. My joints are damaged and some of the very useful ones have OA too. Anything that comes into the house is being thoroughly cleaned and disinfected including my husband which is the usual here so no big change. I have cut all social contact instead of just avoiding people who are ill.

    I am living as though I am a carrier and that is what we should all be doing. Clean your child thoroughly and regularly, the partner can do the same for themselves. Before they go out really question whether the trip is essential,a good guide is yes for food, meds and work while it is happening, no for aything else.

    A child in my neighbourhood has it but I see no reason why I will. People in their twenties and thirties with normal immune-systems are dying, I don't stand a chance which is why I am staying in. Good luck but please keep taking the meds: a friend of mine with PsA who was diagnosed far quicker than me and started sulph far quicker is, twelve years in, still only taking sulph, still working full-time, still riding his bike etc. His disease has not progressed, it has been held in check. DD

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