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blood tests

Hi Everyone, im supposed to have blood tests every 2 weeks - do i go to the hospital or not, im not sure what to do? Thank you 🤔

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  • YvonneHYvonneH Posts: 156 admin
    Accepted Answer

    Hi Joann100

    Welcome to the Online Community, it's lovely to meet you.

    When is your next appointment, I would expect that they would contact you beforehand to let you know what procedure to follow, so if it's not for 9 days maybe hang on to give them a chance to get to you, if it's in the next couple of days see if you can ring up to clarify what you need to do.

    NHS 111 do have an online service

    If you can't get through on the phone this might be your best option.

    Please do log in and let us now the answer to your problem as it will no doubt be useful for other members

    Do also look around your community now you are here and join in wherever you feel comfortable

    Take care

    Yvonne x


  • joann100joann100 Posts: 4

    Thank you for your advice and your welcome..i am supposed to go tomorrow but i have not heard anything, i will give Rheumatology a call in the morning and see what they say

    jo x

  • dreamdaisydreamdaisy Posts: 31,214

    You're welcome, these are difficult times but I think it is the time for us, as patients, to be pro-active. Personally I don't want to be anywhere near a hosptal or surgery but needs must. I was on fortnightly bloods for a while in my early days so can I conclude you are in a similar position? It wouldn't surprise me if you are changed to monthly bloods if all is well because the path labs are going to be inundated with corona tests. Good luck, please let us know how you get on. DD

    What a day. Not much happened and then I was tired.
  • dreamdaisydreamdaisy Posts: 31,214
    edited March 27

    I have received a text from my surgery. Blood tests and other routine matters are now being done in the car park, I have to ring the surgery to let them know I have arrived. Lucky me: my apointment is at 8.05am, gonna be fun trying to get through at that time but that is preferable to going in. DD

    What a day. Not much happened and then I was tired.
  • joann100joann100 Posts: 4

    Hi Everyone, well Rheumatology insisted i went to the hospital for my bloods tests, been this morning and i was a bit hesitant to say the least, the car park was empty, the phlebotomy department was empty and the hospital was deathly quiet, i was surprised that the nurse didnt have gloves or a mask on but she said they didnt have to wear them yet as they had no cases of corona virus..as i had my gloves on she put hers on to make me feel more comfortable...she said that they are only testing important groups and have gone from 400 blood tests a day to around 30 a day...it was a strange experience!!! lol x

  • dreamdaisydreamdaisy Posts: 31,214
    edited March 31

    That must have been very odd, almost surreal. My surgery rang today, apparently people with very early appointments could not get through on the phone to say they had arrived (well there's a surprise!) so I now have to knock on a door and wait to be admitted to the surgery. The car park idea has been scrapped due to very low temperatures.

    My surgery received its pack of new PPE gear, woefully inadequate doesn't even begin to describe their allocation. I fully expect to be seen by a nurse with bare hands, no mask, no apron. We do live in interesting times . . . . . DD

    What a day. Not much happened and then I was tired.
  • dreamdaisydreamdaisy Posts: 31,214

    Bloods done. Utter waste of time giving patients appointment times as they are not being adhered to by staff: not necessarily their fault but to hear the people who should be dealing witth patients chatting, laughing and making each other hot drinks whilst the queue outside in a frosty 2 degrees lengthens is not conducive to one being in a good mood and polite to staff. Appointment at 8.05, got in at 9.10. DD

    What a day. Not much happened and then I was tired.
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