How are you keeping your Mental Health healthy right now

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It seems we could have help to offer to all those who are stuck indoors all day

My tip would be to have a variety of things on the go so when the brain tires of one theng you have another available

I've got brain work - learning Welsh via the web

Relaxation - following an online art session, reading, tv,

House - housework - weekly tasks as it can take me a while to complete even 1, today was the bathroom 🤨

Exercise - the 6 exercises on utube, use the wii fit while facetime chatting to my daughter doing the same 70 miles away (not the same exercises)

Garden - going out every day, pottering when I can



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    Hi Wazz
    As a fluent welsh speaker, its great to hear of someone learning our lovely language.
    Your right keeping busy and having a variety of things to do is important.
    I also think it's useful to stick to some kind of routine, I always get up, shower dress even though I wont see anyone. Also keep in touch with friends and relatives, arrange facetime calls.
    I have some decorating to do and need to have a good clear out, also have some books to read. I still work full time, my office is currently closed. This time off is a great opportunity for me to get things done.
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    In truth much as I ever do. I am not listening to the news more than once per day, it's all the same stuff on repeat so why bother? I have a number of projects on the go with my cardmaking, plus jigsaws, puzzle books, housework, reading my Kindle, listening to Radio 4 Extra. I am keeping in touch with friends via WhatsApp and telephone, appreciating the sunshine and being thankful that this didn't kick off in the murky depths of November. I am part of a neighbourhood group too, I cannot do much to help others but I am keeping in touch with those who live alone and getting to know them. DD

    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    I’ve cleaned the oven front, hob, hood and surrounding area with our steam cleaner and elbow grease this morning, watched some you tube videos this afternoon. I’ve ordered some exercise elastic bands too provide a bit of effort moving whilst sitting. Gardening has been my exercise of choice for the last two weeks but it’s freezing out today, the grass isn’t growing very fast at present. I’ve been doing some cooking as well. I have started using iBooks but have restricted how many I buy. The car was cleaned inside and out in the first week! I’ve even tidied my shed and completed some insulation and boarding I started 13 years ago. Everything in moderation, what mischief can I get up to next?

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    Hi wazz42,

    These are super suggestions 👍️

    In February 2011 I was involved in a nasty accident, and I've been mostly indoors ever since. I've never felt stuck, though, and I think this is because I have a lot of things on the go, as you put it. I'm fortunate that I'm able to work from home, and I find my work very interesting. Outside work, I have no shortage of creative pastimes, including membership of a couple of writing groups. And like our DD, I'm part of a neighbourhood group too (just helping people to order online).

    Wishing you every success with your various projects,


    PsA (psoriatic arthritis) and other things since 1990. Happy to help when I can :-)
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    it's nice to read so many positive posts. Especially from individuals who could have plenty to feel sorry about or complain.

    I'll add one suggestion from a friend, that I've been using since January and after a little initial uncertainty have found very helpful - especially helpful to get me back into good sleep pattern:

    there are free apps you can download with meditation routines (from 5 minutes) upwards, sleep stories and background soundscapes (I'm fond of the sea waves).

    Lets Meditate offers free downloads. But you'll also find plenty of the pay one's have a number of trial/taster sessions for free. I'd recommend you start with a 5 or 7 day beginners introduction series.

    Of the other suggestions the one I need to get into is the routines - it's so easy now to lose track even of what day of the week it is!

    Thanks Louise

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    Good idea Louise I make sure I do the 'free' fitbit deep breathing exercises daily.

    A lot of 'paid for' ones are doing free sessions now, but we need to be aware of the potential future cost.

    Keep well everyone - and calm!


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