Am I just being grumpy or what?


I am all for the Government giving financial support to all of those who cannot work as a result of this damn virus BUT how did they arrive at a payment of up to £2500 per month? This is well above the National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage not to mention well more than double that us disabled receive in benefits. My sister earns £800 a month out of which she pays her rent and other bills, runs a car and feeds herself and her dog, she would love £2500 a month as would I!! And now self-employed with profits to a maximum of £50,000 a year are to get financial help as well of up to 80% so potentially that is over £3,300 a month. I used to be self-employed before I became too crippled to work and never earned that much.


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    As you know the range of what people do as self-employment is huge and the earnings levels equally varied. I was self-employed and only rarely payed tax as I earned so little despite being a specialist in remedial education. A friend is self-employed in an artistic field and buys two houses per year at auction, cash, to rent out for his pension income. Judging by how the stock market has crashed he has made the better choice.

    Of more concern to me is how long all this will take to repay. The government is running up massive debts, the economy will plunge, recession is surely guaranteed. The UK finally repaid the USA for the second world war in 2006 which is food for thought. DD

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