I have RA and am taking methatrexate (as injection) , hydroxachloroquine and folic acid.

I have been taking supplements like vitemen C, circumin and wondered if these are actually counter productive as they boost my immune system.


  • dreamdaisy
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    They are. My mother could never understand why boosting my immune system was a bad idea. She never grasped that something that was supposed to be a good thing was in fact the thing attacking me so boosting it made things worse. Genetically she donated my asthma and eczema while Pa contributed psoriasis. They didn't experience what they passed on, choosing to leave it up to me to reap the rewards. 😀

    I would advise against boosting your immune system but I am merely an experienced patient, not a doc. I would also say you are wasting money but that is none of my business. DD

    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    I'm with DD also many of the supplements contain higher levels of vitamins than our bodies need so much of it is excreted in your urine. So long as you have a good diet and don't have any problem with your gut absorption you get all you need.

  • Butterfingers

    If you want to supplement anything, Vitamin D is recommended for everyone in Scotland all year round but especially over winter (unsure about rest of UK), and there have been a few studies linking vitamin D defiency to increased disease activity in RA. However it is usally best to check with doctor / pharamacist beforw starting supplementation as they can ensure there aren't any intercations with meds you are already on.

    Most other vitamins don't have evidence linked to their benefit however if it makes you feel better to take it (placebo or not), than it's best to do what makes you feel good.