Food parcels for ‘extremely vulnerable’

The government has set up a web page where people can register to have food delivered if they meet specific eligibility criteria relating to their medical condition:


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    What timelines have people experienced from logging details in to being contacted or being set up on supermarket home delivery priority lists? I submitted details 2 days ago, live on my own, and wondering if current stocks will last!

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    I registered on Wed 25th, received a call yesterday, was offered a food parcel. I dont know how long after the call it takes for delivery, I declined as have an online delivery today. I was given a number to call if I need a food parcel in the future.
    At present, I believe Sainsburys only offer priority to elderly/vulnerable, for existing customers only.
    I think pressure is being put on the supermarkets to offer priority delivery to us, hopefully this will happen soon.
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    Oh interesting, I understood that we qualified with the supermarkets under the vulnerable category if we were registered on and confirmed as shielded category by govt - otherwise, I’m going to have to go out anyway in contravention of guidance as impossible to get home deliveries from any supermarket

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    I'm very disappointed with the supermarkets, I called Morrisons earlier with whom I am a weekly shopper, I advised I was shielding and couldn't get a delivery slot, told nothing they can do.
    I'll be shopping elsewhere in future. Hopefully something will change before I run out.
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    I am hopping between Morrisons and ASDA's websites and - so far - have managed to get a slot every 3 weeks on average. IF I get a slot I am ordering a few basic items which confirms the slot and then amending the order the day before delivery with what I actually need. The only supermarket near me that is prioritising those of us isolating is Sainsbury but they are only doing it for customers that were registered with them before the virus restrictions hit. I had an ASDA delivery this week and have a Morrisons booked for the 16th.

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    As a moderator but also a vulnerable patient I thought I would write down my experience so far about registering on the website.

    I registered as an extremely vulnerable patient on the website, once you register they liase with the NHS and confirm you do have an illness or take medication that is on the list then they will send you a letter about what else you need to do when your shielding.

    In regards to getting priority grocery delivery slots once your name is registered then the supermarkets get emailed a list of the names that have been registered and with Sainsburys you get a text to say you can get priority delivery slot and tescos haven't started theres yet but it should be hopefully next week they will be emailing everyone that's on the list.

    Fingers crossed you manage to get a delivery slot and in regards to the food parcels mine came the day after I registered with my local council coronavirus helpline number which is run by the council.


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    I registered with on Tuesday, but didn’t receive any text from Sainsbury’s saying I was now on their vulnerable list. However, I could order from them online as of today (been checking every day), with slots available from Sunday... so I assumed I’m now on the vulnerable list with Sainsbury’s

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    I'm in the same position; frustrated and confused. I have enough for now, with the help of neighbours, one of whom is a key worker. I have not wanted to press my GP (can't get thorugh anyway) or my rheumatolgy clinic (small and overwhelmed) - but they did call me a week ago to say I was rated 3 (extremely vulnerable) and not 2 as I thought.

    I have also held back from ordering online as there will be many more needy than me - but I feel as if I've been now left in the cold as I need a shop for basic supplies as they've run down over 3 weeks and it's more than my neighbour could manage.

    So what to do? This thread holds some hope and I wish I'd seen it sooner - but still vague. As if by magic your name is acepted? Or is it worth keep trying all day for a slot anyway and giving up on the vulnerable angle? To be hnest I'm tempeted to just go to the shop myself - but know that's wrong. I won't be the only one.

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    Once registered - you will need your NHS Number - they will check you out and then add you to a list that is sent to supermarkets to give you priority. However this can take days so you are best to keep checking the supermarket websites to book a delivery slot. It is also worth reading the info on the various supermarket websites as they all seem to be doing things slightly differently, some have phone numbers that you can call to get priority delivery. Some County Councils also have phone numbers that you can contact to get basic supplies. It is frustrating at times but you just have to keep plodding away. Don't not book (if that makes sense) because you think that some people are in a worse position than you, as the system was set up to support people exactly like you, i.e. those who are at very high risk of their health being seriously affected if they contract the virus.

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    I live in northern ireland so our arrangements may be slightly different, but I would definitely check out local charity, council and church websites as lots of them are signposting vulnerable people to the distribution network for the government basic food parcels. If you think you are running out of basics that might be a quicker way to keep you going until your supermarket has you logged as vulnerable.

    It's also worth checking local forums on facebook. if your location isn't too remote, many local stores (not the multi nationals) are doing free deliveries to the vulnerable, in their area

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    For me it took around a week to be contacted by Asda via email after filling out the GOV form. I think it takes a while but I now have a delivery slot every week so just keep an eye out on your emails. Hope that helps.