Anyone else confused?

Good morning,

So I’ve been on the charts and assessed my points and I’m on methotrexate and amjavita injections so according to the chart that is 2 points so it’s under 3 so I should use social distancing. I’m a key worker as I make medicine so it’s proving a little difficult.

The reason I’m now confused is that I’ve just read on this community that someone just on methotrexate is shielding. Surely that is 1 point on the chart.

I did receive a letter from rheumatology and that had those medications on the letter but only shield if you were over 50 so I’m so confused - should I be shielding? Should I be working? No idea - I want to work after having a double hip replacement last year and being off is just boring and wasteful when I can help so many people by going into work.


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    Morning damn2010

    I can understand why you might be getting a bit confused as there is a lot of things going around.

    It is saying about a low immune system if you are prone to getting infections and also it says if you are on steroids or methotrexate.

    Another thing they are saying is if you have an immunosuppressant disease. My advice would be either speak to your GP or your Rhumatologist because it is the NHS that decide who gets the letter about shielding for 12 weeks.

    You are amazing the work you do and I have total respect for you


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    Thanks for the reply A_jx.

    They did ring before the letter but when I asked they said a letter will be sent out with further details which is what I mentioned. I’ll ring my gp next week to see what’s going on.

    Thanks for the respect but I’m the lucky one not to lose my job or struggle through this time so I respect everyone who is isolating.
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    I guess that as someone who makes drugs you are not coming into contact with patients to whom you pose an increased risk due to being immuno-suppressed. You do, however, pose an increased risk to your fellow workers as you are immuno-suppressed. I think it is beyond the ability of any government to issue precise instructions for all and a certain amount of individual common sense has to be used. Some on here have been sent home by employers and don't like it but this is not about the good of the individual.

    I have stayed indoors for a month and will continue to stay indoors for another three or for as long as it takes. This is partly to protect myself but much more to protect others. People who are fit and healthy can have covid and not know it - I too can have something and not know it but I wouldn't normally have the potential to kill . . . .

    I inject methotrexate and humira. I haven't checked my points score nor received a letter but being retired and 61 all that is immaterial. Good luck, stay safe. DD

    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    Hi danm2010,

    Here’s a copy of the risk assessment -you are right in giving yourself 2 points as long as this is your only medication/risk factor.

    someone taking only methotrexate would score 1 for that, they may have other risk factors relating to age/weight/other conditions, and of course if you aren’t employed in a required occupation you can choose to shield for personal reasons.

    As AJ said you have my respect and thanks for doing your job helping us to get back to normal more quickly

    Yvonne x

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    I only score 1 according to that test (for taking methotrexate only), but have been told to shield by local NHS... so how come?! Is that test over-simplistic or is it different assessments of risk in different regions? Either way, doesn’t sound right...

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    Had this conversation with my rheumatologist and told people within the NhS are reading the guidelines differently, which is of no help whatsoever.
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    I'm in the category, I have Psoriatic Arthritis Fibromyalgia and Osteo Arthritis, I inject Cosentyx and had a steroid injection on the 9th of March, I'm 66 and I'm a Manager of an Independent Living Scheme so nearly all of the tenants are in the highly vulnerable category, I was sent home 4 weeks ago because I had a bad cough and felt unwell, I was unsure as to whether my symptoms were coronavirus or an upper respiratory tract infection (which I am particularly susceptible to being on cosentyx ) I took advice from 111 who said to self isolate for 7 days, my employer has put me on 12 weeks isolation because of my immune system, I asked my GP who advised that I was at risk, but the rheumatology nurse contradicted that and I've today received a letter from rheumatology with a flow chart that has confused me even further, am I at a higher risk or not ? I'm working from home, I live alone I would far rather be at work than alone 24/7

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    Hi Sue13june,

    Welcome to the forum, like everyone else we don't have all the answers, but we do our best to keep up with the official information being sent out, it does change as you say, or get clarified.

    We are each of us different, in the amount of care we take when we go out, social distancing is taken seriously by many but not, by any means, all. Those of us with autoimmune issues are in the serious group, which should keep us as safe as possible and keep those around us as safe as can be from anything we are incubating.

    Is it maybe a bit academic if you are able to work from home? Your employer is taking good care of you as is ours, if you can isolate maybe that seems the right thing to do? The end decision is yours, I'm sure you will weigh up all the options and come to the best decision.

    Take care

    Yvonne x

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    Hi, I'm on the same meds as you and last Friday I received a letter from rheumatology with the table which I score 2 on so its says social distancing and self isolation, I then opened a letter putting me on the 12 week isolation as a vunerable person. Confusing! I've been isolating for 4 weeks anyway so I'm just sticking with that