Hi, I am trying to score myself using the guidelines for shielding or isolating. As I have had no information from anyone. I am on methotrexate and also 3 blood pressure tablets for hypertension. 4 weeks ago I had a steroid shot in my backside and about 8 weeks ago had another steroid shot into my wrist. I am trying to work out if I should be shielding or isolating. On the sheet it only mentions Predislone oral tablets but does not mention the injections.
Please can someone advice me
Thank you


  • zelise
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    Hi Debz,

    I'm going to be no use whatsoever but thought I would share the same question. Are IM steroids treated the same as oral and for how long are they relevant?

    I have PsArthritis, seem prone to chest infections, am on Methotrexate, inject adalumimab and am flaring... had (120mg) IM shot 8 weeks ago...….

    Also trying to score myself as getting no advice or help from anywhere else...

    Love xx

  • Ellen
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    In case this helps if you need to talk to someone in person, our free Helplines are open 9:00am - 8:00pm Monday - Friday on 0800 5200 520


  • Brynmor
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    Hi Debz123 and welcome to the Online Community.

    The best place to find information is in our section on the website Coronavirus (COVID-19) - what is it and where to go for information

    Here we have a link to COVID-19 - assessing your risk which should be of some help in deciding if you are in the extremely vulnerable group or not. It is also worth trying to get in touch with your doctor/health professional to see if they have forwarded the information on to the NHS who are coordinating this work.

    You can also register to get coronavirus support as a clinically extremely vulnerable person on the Gov.UK website.

    And hi to zelise 😃

    The NHS letters are still going out as information is being sent in as to how vulnerable different people are. Our *Latest advice* is for everyone is to stay at home and only go outside for food, health reasons or essential work.

    Stay well, stay safe.


  • ziggyblue
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    Hi Debz, I only take methotrexate and score o1 on self-assessment, yet I am confirmed on shielded list, so I would assume you would be on list too. Things are made more complicated by some people getting letters that shouldn’t and others not getting letters when they should (article in Guardian today) so I guess this is just a result of such large scale exercise in short space of time