Not a chance!

So, the latest advice from Vets (in Hong Kong) is to keep cats indoors wherever possible, apparently they can catch the virus from other cats but not from us and cannot pass it on to us. But the British Veterinary Association said "owners should not worry" about any risk of infection from their pets. There is no chance that I can keep my Vixen indoors, out village is in the countryside and my bungalow adjoins fields which she loves to be in. I always wash my hands after stroking her anyway which is more to do with whatever she may have been rolling in when out and about! Regrettably she has never been a "cuddly" cat, only on rare occasions does she jump up onto my lap.


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    I think you're doing the right thing,our risk is from humans not our lovely pets.

  • Mike1
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    I gave her her monthly flea drops on the back of her neck this morning and she was out of the cat flap faster than the speed of light!

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    The British Veterinary Association apparently announced earlier today that cat owners should keep their cats indoors, but have altered/clarified their guidelines this afternoon:

    "The association was forced to clarify that only cat owners who are self-isolating with symptoms of coronavirus should keep their pets indoors, after a study found cats can spread the virus."

    I'm relieved about this; I tried keeping my two cats indoors this morning after the Today programme on R4 announced that these were the new guidelines - mine both legged it out of the front door as soon as I opened the door a crack to get the milk in! It seems that the British Veterinary Association are now only advising cats to be kept indoors if owners actually have symptoms of Covid-19.

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    Why do humans think they can rule over a cat? It can't be that challenging to shut them in a room, after all they are smaller than humans although better equipped with claws . . . . Whether the cats like it or not is, at the moment, immaterial. This began with animals in a wet market and needs to be eradicated for the sake of all forms of life.

    I am shortly going out on my routine cat faeces clearance, we are fortunate that the garden of our cat-free household is used as the local feline lavatory. Cat owners around here complain about dog leavings not being cleared by owners, blissfully ignoring the fact that dog mess is confined to public areas and visible whereas their adored animals deposit freely in private spaces. As for the myth they bury their lumps, do they &£:;). As has never been said in any film 'I lurv the smell of cat poo in the mornings.' DD

    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    dreamdaisy don't know if it's an urban myth, but have you tried the large plastic bottles filled with water on your garden. apparently something to do with the light reflection is supposed to scare the cats off.