Extreme pain

I have arthritis I usually deal with pain quite well. But my lower back is agony and my legs are heavy in struggling with standing or walking. Just looking for any help or advice. Due to covid19 don’t think I can get a dr appointment. Thanks Claire


  • Clairemcguire14
    I have had arthritis since I was a child and usually cope well with pain. The last week I’ve had really bad low back pain compared to usual it has made my legs feel heavy I’m struggling to walk or stand it’s very draining dealing with it this severe. I’m looking for any help and advice. Thanks Claire
  • Mike1
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    No easy answer I am afraid, pain levels vary according to a variety of factors; it could be: the weather, what you have been doing, doing nothing, how you slept and so on. It is just one of the joys that arthritis sufferers have to put up with. My pain levels vary greatly at times and I have trouble putting my finger on the cause, I have been on morphine for years and even an extra dose or two only knocks the edge off. There are numerous coping strategies on here, it is a case of going through them and try to find one or more that works.

  • Airwave!
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    I find that regular leg, stomach exercise stops the pain becoming extreme, I cycle a lot. The exercise strengthens the ligaments, tendons and muscles surrounding the painful joints and supports them better. Don’t try any bending or curving your spine exercises, lifting any weights etc etc, it’ll just aggravate the spine, it’s work is to support the top half of you, no more in difficult times.