Hi I just wanted to ask.. I have lived with RA now for about 10 years (I'm on humeria injection) my pain comes and goes now but the tiredness is always there. But I just wanted to ask do other people suffer with stomach problems like bloating the feeling of feeling full even just really bad lower pains. I've suffered with this for a couple of years now I've had the cameras and thankfully everything is fine as you do worry naturally..its just I read 70% of people living with rheumatoid arthritis will have more stomach problems than people who dont. And I wondered do others have this problem like me?


  • stellabean
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    I had stomach/gut problems first as I have had crohns disease for a great many years now, I have only had RA for 2 years but I also have OA, spinal degeneration and fibromyalgia because I am greedy!!. Don't you just love the human body great when it works properly a real pain when it doesn't. My problem is my genetics as I have inherited most of my conditions from my mother.

    It is understandable that many people with RA have stomach trouble if you think about the drugs that are used to treat the condition. Have you tried those probiotic yoghurts?

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    Thanks for answering. I've tried probiotic tablets from Holland and barrett.. at the start it seemed to work then the pain just came back. When it really flares up its so annoying and makes me so lethargic..I think I might try the yogurts and see if it works thanks so much for your advice.
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    Me too, but having a fear of cameras I have done nothing at all about it😫

    Trying off of dairy ATM partly because of this and also my lungs.