I have wide spread osteoarthritis and I'm also on simvastatin

I have wide spread osteoarthritis I am also on simvastatin I'm also on omeprazole and gabapentin am I at risk if so I have not had a letter but my housing office said am I staying in and doctors phone but no letter asking if I'm staying in


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    Hi Firedragon, welcome to the forum.

    I am not part of the helpline team but given we are coming up to the Easter long weekend I thought I’d share some information that may be of use until the helpline team can get back to you. In the current COVID-19 climate it is normal to have concerns and questions relating to arthritis specific and medication. Here is a link to the latest information available on the Versus Arthritis site.

    If you have any specific worries regarding your medications, it is best to call your GP. The medications that you mention are not immune-supressing per say, however your GP will be able to give you more thorough and informed advice.

    We also have a COVID -19 thread which you may find useful.

    I hope you are keeping well and please feel free to browse and contribute in the forum as you feel able.

    Best wishes,