New diagnosis of RA

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Hi all,
I have been recently diagnosed with RA at the age of 28, it started in my hands but has since spread. The diagnosis came a few months after I started my PhD that involves a lot of (incredibly painful) lab work, unfortunately I'm waiting for my work to make adjustments to help me with the day to day issues I face, which is not quite so much of an issue with the current situation!
I'm still adjusting to life with RA, you don't realise just how much you take for granted until you get something like this! I initially started on sulfasalazine, but had a reaction to it so I've just started on hydroxychloroquine.
I'm really pleased to have found this forum, I don't know anyone else who has arthritis so it's nice to be able to share with people who truly understand what it's like!
Thanks for reading :smiley:


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    Hi Lex

    good to meet you, but sorry about your diagnosis such bad timing for you 😕

    Hydroxy is one of my medications too just makes your stomach churn a bit and need to make sure you have your eyes tested regularly. Apart from that it's ok.

    Do come along in and join in wherever you like people are really friendly

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    Hello and hard luck! I was born with auto-immune issues so for me this is merely more of the same which (which I am sure does help one get on with it). I began my first arthritis in 1997 (it was diagnosed in 2006) then osteoarthritis was diagnosed in 2011. Go me! 😁 I had just started my little business in 1996 so the timing was not wonderful but as with any disease it never is.

    Hydroxy is one of the few meds I have not had but I hope it helps you. DD

    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    Hi you I'm a newbie on this forum and wish I had of found it 10 years ago when I was 34 and diagnosed with RA.

    Even though I was in so much pain I still found it hard in my own mind I had RA. I didnt know anyone around me who had RA even in own my family. So I felt very alone, I actually went in on myself and didnt want to tell friends or work. Thankfully my wife was fantastic and gave me so much support. I also had twin boys who were 6 at the time.

    I was on sulphalzine myself. And I know how frustrating it can the end of the day when you have RA and are in alot of pain you just want the rheumatology team to gave you that one tablet that can get you back to your normal life and feel better again..(that's all I ever wanted anyway). Unfortunately with the tablets come side effects. I firstly started on methotrexate. I was on it a year, I lost 3 stone in weight and felt sick constantly. I was taken off it and put on sulphazaline for 8 months. Thinking to myself great!! I'm on something different, nothing can be as bad as my last drug...well I was wrong again. I felt so spaced out all the time it wasnt a great feeling, I felt anxious and panicky as well. All the time I was taking hydroxy (what your on now) alongside the other tablets and im still on it now today. I'm now on a biologic drug called humeria. I cant even describe how much this has turned my life around. Lex it may take a bit of time but I promise you they will get you onto something that will work for you, so stay positive. Have you asked or do you get steroid injections? I used to get these and they did work for me although there not a long term answer. But they would of given me a few months pain free. Keep talking Lex.. keep asking questions no matter what it is were all here for you. You will get through this I did and you will to.