essential package for vulnerable people on Goverment list


We have just been left a box of groceries from BRAKES , we didnot know it was coming & left on our doorstep , we dont deserve this as we can afford it ourselfs & able to book home deliveries , I just want to know if anyone is getting this ? wemay pass it on to our food bank when we are over this coronavirus


  • Elmbow
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    I'm not on the vulnerable list, so no. But if you're sure you can get all the deliveries you need, I think that would be an excellent idea as food banks are really struggling. If in doubt, contact your local Covid-19 mutual aid group and they might have some advice on how best to distribute. Take care.

  • dreamdaisy
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    I registered on the website and ticked the box stating I did not require assistance so no, nothing received. I don't think has anything to do with whether one can afford food or not, if the goods are not perishable then a food bank might be interested but, given the current general confusion around contamination and infection, they might well refuse it. DD

    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    thanks as we are still have someone with coronavirus in our house we can't give it away at the moment , was not expecting it , when our food bank opens we will let them have some of if , dont realy know much about it or how long it goes on for

  • Airwave!
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    It may be for someone else, left with you by mistake? Try a note through some doors of possible neighbours or offer it to a large family?

    its a grin, honest!

  • Aj_x
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    Hi trepolpen,

    We do have a forum which is dedicated to the COVID-19. Someone on there might be going through the same thing and able to answer the question for you.

    Did you register with the website?


  • Eir1971
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    Hi Trepolpen
    It is strange you've received a food parcel without any notice. After registering, my local council called me to discuss my needs, I declined as like you can afford to buy my food and have managed to get delivery slots and would prefer they concentrated on getting food to those in most need.
    I think donating it to a food bank is a great idea, I'm sure the food bank will have practices in place regarding the risk of contamination.
    Maybe keep hold of the box for a few days in case it has been delivered to the wrong address.
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    Eir1971 thankyou , we did not get a phone call before , we will look at the letter & maybe phone them , would be brilliant for some one alone & brilliant they are doing this , slowly we have managed to get the delivery slots we wanted but Tesco are not making it easy , & those of us that rely on them normaly its hard

    We cant hold on to the boxes brcause we have coronavirus still in the house , I have recovered but my son still got it two weeks on