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hello. I've suffered from osteoarthritis for most of my adult life, and had a hip replacement when I was 45. I took very little time off work which vocational always subjugated physical weaknesses consequently ending up with significant mobility difficulties. Since 'retirement' I have spent much more addressing the ways I manage pain giving myself more time and attention. However it sometimes gets me down. Like this morning in my shoulder, so I'm talking to you for emotional support and ideas??.

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    Hi Lesley and welcome to the Online Community. Its lovely to have you here.

    Its great that you have devoted more time to managing your pain. It can be quite exhausting and demand so much of our attention!

    You may like to take a look at some of our information pages on the website:

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    Even if feeling physically fit, when you start these exercises, it’s important to take them in your stride and not push yourself too much 😊

    And, in these extraordinary times, we have Arthritis and coronavirus – looking after your emotional wellbeing

    Our selection of the best advice from our information and leading wellbeing experts

    All best wishes