Face to face pip meeting cancelled

Hi. I had my face to face pip meeting scheduled in March but due to Covid 19 it was cancelled by text message, the follow up letter said I would either have the meeting over the phone or paper based, I'm still waiting to hear. Has anyone else had this happen to them?


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    Which ever way you decide to go make sure that you keep a record of what is said. I know that you can't record the assessment without written permission so going paper based may be the way to go, it will be a pain filling it all in if you have hands like mine but at least you will be able to keep a copy of it.

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    Hi Sue,I had my telephone assessment yesterday.The chap on the phone was pleasant,the call lasted just under an hour.I Will get the decision in 8 weeks.If successfull the payment gets backdated to the day of the call. All the best to you.....Carol
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    Hello there @Caz52 and welcome to our online community where hopefully you will find a wealth of information and support.

    You mentioned that you have recently had your telephone assessment and that you will hear the decision in a further 8 weeks.

    We have access to a range of information on our main website and you may find this helpful too, please have a look around our section on financial assessment,

    Our main helpline is also a great resource for any subsequent questions you may have in the time for waiting on your assessment decision. With our helpline, online information and arthritis virtual assistant, you don't need to face arthritis alone.

    0800 5200 520 Call us for free (Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 8:00pm).

    Thank you for your supportive post and we hope to see you posting again soon,

    take care,


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    Thank you Carol
  • Hi Caz,

    Just wondering of you've heard anything yet? Using you as a barometer to work out when I would hear, so I'm interested if they are keeping to the 8 weeks or not.