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Hi everyone. I have not yet received a clinical diagnosis as unfortunately a Rheumatology appointment was cancelled due to the current health crisis with corona virus. My gp is treating me for 'inflammation', with prescribed Naproxen and paracetemol. Recent blood tests showed nothing unusual.

My symptoms started around 8 months ago in my hands, with knuckle joint inflammation and movement restriction. From about 3 months ago, the symptoms have worsened and appeared in my feet, knees and shoulders. There is daily swelling, pain and loss of mobility. I am devastated. I love fitness and was going to gym classes 5 times a week. Weight training and pilates. I regularly walk and cycle for leisure. I have been reduced to struggling to get in and out of bed or the sofa and find walking extremely painful in my feet. WHAT IS GOING ON!!!

Is this rheumatoid arthritis ? What does my future hold?


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    Hi Radford, welcome to the online Community, good to see you here.

    I'm sorry to hear that your rheumatology appointment was cancelled due to the ongoing coronavirus emergency. Experiencing increasing levels of pain and difficulty of movement in different joints can only add to the frustration of trying to get treatment.

    Unfortunately, none of us here are medically trained and cannot give you a diagnosis. There are a number of pages across our website that provide helpful resources that you might like to look at as a way of managing your condition. Managing your pain might be a useful starting point:

    If you need to speak to someone in complete confidence, you can call our free Helpline on 0800 5200 520, or email helpline@versusarthritis.org (Mon - Fri 9:00am – 8:00pm)

    Do join in across the Community and you will be made most welcome.

    All best wishes


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    Hello, I am sorry to hear this is going on with you. I was born with auto-immune junk so when my psoriatic wrthritis started it wasn't a complete shock but when it comes out of the blue it must be. Does anyone in your family have or had similar stuff going on? Auto-immune inflammatory arthritis does have a proven genetic link, that's why I have mine. Does the inflammation subside only to reappear after exertion? Are any of the affected joints hot to the touch?

    Do you know if the GP check your inflammatory markers? DD

    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    Oh Radford

    I am sorry this is an awful and scary time for you. I remember all too vividly those days when - shockingly from nowhere it seemed - I was in AGONY and stuck in whatever position i had been in taking hours for joints to free up. Unable to tolerate even a sheet on my bones in bed 😓

    Luckily for me I was able to see a rheumatologist pretty quickly and start on some DMARDs (disease modifying anti rheumatic drugs) fast. I also found this community which helped so much. The people on here just understood me and made me feel not alone with it all. I must have cried my eyes out the first two weeks I was on here. As you can see I am still here an still talking far too much!!

    In the short term paracetamol is a bit feeble if you are in agony. GPs can't prescribe DMARDs but they can prescribe stronger pain relief.

    Take care

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    thank you for taking the time to comment.

    Yes exercise seems to aggravate it but I find I fidget a lot when I rest. I am always aching somewhere and I think it is worse with the lockdown. I'm not currently working and i live alone. Too much time and not enough to occupy me. I am currently taking 8 paracetemol daily and have got codeine for bad days, but I have not got my head around this yet. I hate whinging and am a positive person so I know I can manage this, I just need some medical support.

    Have you found any changes to diet or supplements helpful?



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    hi all, I am new here and am in a similar situation to Radford. My GP referred me to rheumatology clinic due to my inflammatory markers coming back slightly but unusually higher than normal. The appointment cancelled due to the current pandemic so I have not had a diagnosis. The problem began in my knees roughly 18 months ago, I developed a stiffness when kneeling or crossing my legs and this was really painful. I then became pregnant in December 2018 and the pain didn't progress (I had the usual pregnancy back aches and pains from carrying extra weight). I gave birth to my baby boy in August last year and from around October /November time I have developed severe pain throughout my body, mainly after resting. It started in my fingers and wrists but has progressed to my back and legs. Of a morning I almost feel as though my bones in my back are broken and it takes some time after waking before I can even get out of bed. I have to do it in stages; sit upright first, stretch my legs out, before eventually standing slowly as I regain strength in my legs.
    During the day, if I sit down for more than a 5 minutes, standing again is difficult as my legs and ankles are so sore and weak as I try to stand again.
    Can anybody confirm whether these are possible signs of rheumatoid arthritis?
    My two female cousins were diagnosed with RA a few years ago (so roughly my age, 32) and they both have the above symptoms also.
    I don't know when my new appointment with the Rheumatology clinic will be re-scheduled but currently I am just taking paracetamol and naproxen, which isn't helping that much.
    I am due back to work in July from maternity leave and I just want to feel normal again as right now, everything is such hard work as I am in constant pain. Even holding my little one as he gets bigger is so difficult. It's really getting me down x