drug shortages

I have seen on other forum's that there is starting to be a shortages of auto immune drugs like the malaria drugs and some biologics because they are using them to treat coronavirus , in USA there are shortages of Xeljanz and other biologic's , just be careful , if would be great if confirmed they work as they did for myself but will cause shortages


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    I think it was a maverick doctor in Marseilles who proposed hydroxy as a treatment for covid19 (hence the sudden run on that) but given the short while that covid has been active - mere months - there has been no real time for research and empirical evidence to prove their efficacy. I hope that scaremongering is not happening but somehow I doubt it: we all saw the panic buying of toilet rolls . . . . DD

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    The issue are not so much here in the UK but likes of America with Trump going on about hydroxy every night , think it will be a couple of months before the results are in on the trials but there is a couple of hospitals using hydroxy ie: Barts and Exeter