Automatic Saving of Draft Posts


The system seems to save drafts of posts very frequently. As the pop-up appears to say your draft post is being saved, the "focus" of typing seems to often lose itself and requires the pop-up to be dismissed before you can continue.

As posts get longer (looking at you over in Val's Café!) the pause to get the focus back gets longer until the forum actually appears to freeze for minutes at a time.


Auto-saving has been disabled! You can now only save a draft of your post if the "Save Draft" button appears next to the "Post" button.

Do be aware that without saving a draft, you may accidently lose the content of a post before publishing it if you move away from the page.

Let me know if there are any problems and what you think of this as a general principle.



  • Brynmor
    Brynmor Member Posts: 1,755

    Ummm…. I don't think you get the "Save Draft" button when writing a Comment - ie. the entire continuing posts found in Val's Café.

    Take Care, please, not to lose those long posts. Do a short post, then edit to add more.

  • frogmorton
    frogmorton Member Posts: 29,550

    Thank you Brynmor from my point of view (as someone who 'talks' for England) this has solved my problem completely.

    There will however be those who rely on the autosave particularly newer members who never knew a time without . For me it was a pain in the proverbial. Page freezing over and over and then in the end freezing completely.

    This was almost the final straw the other day when it STUCK like this for ever it seemed.

    I hope everyone else prefers Auto-saving switched off.

    Thanks again

  • dachshund
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    Yvonne thank you I look forward to writing on here but I began dreading it.

    I have seen the adverts for Arthritis on the TV again

    . thank you (((())))

    . Joan xx

    take care
    joan xx
  • Kitty
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    On the old forums we had to be aware to either post or save in case we lost the post. As we like to include everyone who posted in our reply, we do tend to be a bit verbose. Especially with the poems and recipes and pictures.

    "Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea." Robert A Heinlein

  • Brynmor
    Brynmor Member Posts: 1,755

    Now instead of saving when writing a long Comment, it would be best just to post to the thread and then edit it to add more. That way, you won't lose a chunk of your writing.

    P.S. some of us Mods do this all the time when posting to each other, the interim post ending "more to come...", which we then delete as we add to the end of our comments. 😃

  • barbara12
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    Afternoon all..sorry we keep losing the net..myst be all the people working from home..anyway I'm here now
    Chris thankyou for mentioning tunein..or tuneup..I am going to download that..I do love my radio..
    I have never been to Liverppol one silly really our trains go straight through...
    Dint you bother about answering us all I'm afraid I started that after our Val died that started the blame me...xx
    Brynmore thankyou for your help..I must start using my laptop..when mine freezez then un freezes I get pages flying past ..and I dont drink...xx
    Joan and Sue glad all is ok with you all..and thankyou for all the hugs...((((()))))
    Kath I am enjoying the poems..just wish I could write them..its a bit like my singing..hope you are doing ok..xx
    Toni..we did bring up our two eldest..there mum was quite poorly..but is well now and she is grateful.. but it was our pleasure..hope you are all doing ok..sorry forgot what we had for breakfast but it was very nice...:)
    Better go see how this net is
    Love to all