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First post quick story share. Osteoarthritis runs in my family on both sides so keeping active and maintaining healthy weight helps. Had mild scalp psoriasis for 10 years. In December my middle finger and a toe suddenly became inflamed and swollen. Painful to walk. Impossible to bend either which made simple things like cutting food tricky. I love cycling but I’m worried I can’t brake or hold handlebar properly. Also love yoga but putting weight on my hand or bending back toe painful or impossible. Ibuprofen helped with pain but not inflammation and taking for too long just gives me stomach pains. After blood tests ruled out gout I was put on waiting list to see rheumatologist with 6 month wait. Amazingly I was offered an online appointment with very kind rheumatologist 2 weeks ago. She diagnosed psoriatic arthritis and arranged for steroids to be delivered to me the next morning. I can start methotrexate as she is happy with my recent blood test results but I’m still weighing up the risks of taking something which may reduce my body’s ability to fight covid-19 against reducing long term damage to my precious digits. Working from home in lockdown is working well as I can take things at my own pace, practise yoga when I need a break and rest when I need to. Looking forward to reading others stories especially from those who cycle.