Hello everyone

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I'm new, I've only just joined this group. I'm not as bad as some people in this group so if admin think this group isn't quite right for me perhaps they will point me in the right direction.
I'm 75 and I've had a long history of back trouble and I was told quite a while ago that I had arthritis. In 2001 I fractured my spine and I fractured my spine again in 2017 very near the same place in the lumber area. Since 2017 I've had constant back pain but not too bad unless I went out and then I could only stand or move for a certain length of time and then I had to go back to where I live and lay or sit on my bed with a hot water bottle on my back and after a few hours I'd be able to move about, but last December something triggered severe back pain (I was coughing the day before) and I had this severe back pain for 2 weeks and I couldn't see a gp I had to see a nurse practitioner who said he didn't know what my back pain was but after a test he said I had a UTI so I got antibiotics for that but nothing for the back pain. I was taking Ibuprofen and the back pain went at the end of December but returned again on the 21st January and I've had it ever since and I've been to the gp surgery and phoned them as well and they said they couldn't do anything but give me pain relief until after I'd had a dexa scan in February which showed that I had osteoporosis and I was already told I had osteoarthritis and at the dexa scan I found out I'd lost just over 3 inches in height bringing me down to just under 5 foot. I was told there's no cure for O. P so it was just pain relief and possibly Bisphosphonates from now on. Then I had an x-ray in March and I was told there was nothing to warrant any pain so just keep taking pain relief. I've had my meds changed from Ibuprofen to Naproxin neither helped much and now I take Tramadol which do help but I'm still In a lot of pain when I stand or move and now I've got a new pain in my back somewhere it's never hurt before and it's worse than the pain before and it's agony when I stand or move and also I need a new right hip which hurts but my back is much worse. I phoned my gp surgery today but my dr won't be in until tomorrow although he can't give a proper diagnosis by phone but I'll phone anyway, and I can't go to a hospital yet until the lockdown has been lifted and its so hard to suffer this excruciating pain and not being able to get anything done about it yet.
I hope everyone else is having as good a day as possible 🤞🤞