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Hi everyone

Just wondering if anyone knows of any tips/tricks for using a smart phone with arthritis. I suffer with pain in my hands a lot and worsens when using my phone

Any suggestions would be appreciated



  • Annj
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    Hi Joanna,

    Welcome to the forum, that's an interesting question and I'll be interested to see any thoughts and ideas people have. I experience a lot of hand stiffness and pain when doing some fine dexterous work, although for me it's not when using smart phones, it's more when I have to exert any kind of pressure or strength. (I enjoy ceramics but unfortunately find a lot of the work involved in making pots aggravates my hand pain and stiffness). The only solution I've found is to take regular breaks and not do the same activity/motions for long periods of time.

    There's a section on hand and wrist pain here, which includes some exercises you could try for strengthening and flexibility:

    Best wishes and I hope you find something that offers you some relief. Do feel free to browse the forum, join conversations and ask questions!


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    I have trouble with my hands and cannot hold a phone so only use a basic one designed for the elderly so have not bothered with a smart phone. When I use it I turn the speaker on and rest the phone across my chest or sit it on my shoulder.

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    I have asked our wonderful Digital team here at Versus arthritis for some ideas and we have

    1. Try Siri or Google Assistant so that you can speak into the phone rather than type. Also use the little microphone for text messages or emails, so you dictate into it.
    2.  a stylus if it's uncomfortable to type and a rest so youdon't have to hold your phone too much

    We also have a section on the website here

    I hope this gets the ball rolling, I am sure our members will have other ideas too

    Best Wishes