Hello and first post- possible arthritis left knee and looking for help etc.


September 2019 after 3 days in hospital I got diagnosed with lung cancer.

In the 5-6 weeks before my treatment started I developed swelling,stiffness and pain in my left knee.

I at first self medicated with ibuprofen/paracetamol but eventually saw GP.

In all honesty i found it difficult to get across the problems(voltarol was suggested but had no effect and xray came back satisfactory.

During my cancer treatment the knee problem went away,probably due to the steroids that came with the chemo.I was so happy !

However when treatment finished knee problem came back of course in january this year.

I have been back to GP several times and seen more than one but each seems to have a different opinion.

I had colchicine prescribed for possible gout(no effect) and blood tests came back normal for uric acid levels.

Last visit to GP was prescribed naproxen,coccodamol,omemprazole.

Naproxen and cocodamol seems to take the edge off it but the trade off is terrible constipation.

GP also refferred me to knee specialist who I have seen but his urgent request for an mri scan has been cancelled due to the covid 19 situation.

My mobility is now severely impaired and it seems i am stuck like this for months ?

I have been ssessed over the phone by nhs physio who emailed me exercises most of which i cannot do.Any suggesyions most welcome.



  • Ellen
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    Hello Gooner

    Welcome to the Versus Arthritis online Community on behalf of myself and the Moderating Team.

    I am very pleased to hear you have done so well with your cancer treatment. Not such good news about your knee. Unfortunately as you quite rightly say at the moment, with the COVID virus, it is very difficult to get tests and in some cases much needed surgeries.

    First of all I can maybe help with the constipation issue. Obviously your GP can prescribe something to help things along. I personally find a small glass of sweet prune juice enough to keep things going the right way! Others will no doubt have other tips to help with this common, but unpleasant consequence of some pain relief.

    Now your knee pain I hope this information might be of use

    I will leave you in the capable hands of our members to give you their own advice/ideas.

    Best wishes