It’s not alright – it’s arthritis. Join us to speak out.

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It’s not just “wear and tear”. It’s not just “aches and pains”. It’s not alright – it’s arthritis.

Join us to speak out.

By staying quiet we’re keeping arthritis invisible and ignored. Too often, people hold back from talking about arthritis. Nearly half of people with arthritis we asked said they’ve hidden their pain from a loved one.

We know that many of you will be impacted by the coronavirus and the sense of isolation from those you care about, especially loved ones with conditions like arthritis. Now more than ever, people with arthritis need support.

It’s time to end the loneliness and isolation of arthritis.

Join us and add your name in support of everyone living with the hidden pain of arthritis.

By adding your name, together we can create change. We’ll let people know they are not alone. We’ll connect more people to the information and support they need, improve care and discover new treatments.

When we raise our voices together, we can make arthritis impossible to ignore. It’s time to speak out. Join us.

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  • claireyjo
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    So I am new to these forums. I have just joined, I felt drawn to by the recent advertisements as they resonate with me so deeply. People just don't seem to understand the pain, but to make things difficult I have found it hard to process this life of chronic persistent pain so how will others.

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    Hi @claireyjo

    Thank you for joining the online community, it is great to meet you, I agree with the adverts, I was a teacher before arthritis became a life partner, it does alter every aspect of life doesn't it?

    Have you read the 'spoon theory'? It's a great metaphor to explain to those without chronic conditions how it is

    I found it helpful, now my OH often askes me how many spoons I have left if I'm looking a bit frayed, and I have been known to give a couple of spoons to a friend in need.

    Here's our information on pain management

    I hope there are a couple of useful tips there for you to ease your pain. Tell us if there is any specific area in pain or any time of day that your pain is worse and we can offer suggestions to help you. Remember as well, we are here just to sit or walk beside you on your journey, we will listen, and we will understand

    Post soon, maybe in Living With Arthritis to share your thoughts

    Yvonne x

  • Airwave!
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    I like many my age have no wish to stick their heads above the parapet of social media which can be at odds with our own beliefs and lifestyle. What are you going to do with our personal information?

    Holding the banner high and leading the charge forward is all well and good, let’s get the basics right first?

  • Crookesey
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    Having lost great friends with cancer and heart problems I would choose R/A every time, if a choice was made available. There isn’t a cure, so I get on with what up to date has been a great life. R/A isn’t going to beat me, I have grown to love my gardening, now that I have discovered wood clippings and loads of pots, I can manage the lawns, and our son sorts out the tall hedges, I always knew that he would come in handy one day.

    Who I have sympathy with are the splendid hospital doctors and nurses who work tirelessly, in what appears to be a ‘trivial’ side of modern medicine, My excellent professor and consultant of Rheumatology are all but lampooned by my excuse for a GP practice, well they and their staff have my full respect and gratitude.

    I must cut this short as I am about to commence my daily 5 miles dog walk, may my dog go with me. 😁