I’ve had arthritis since I was 30. I’m now 54 and struggling more and more. It’s got very widespread now. I can hardly bend my left knee and I’ve had a repair done and it cleaned out twice, I think it needs a repair again, but I’m waiting for this covid19 to be over. I’m on 30 mg morphine tablets and paracetamol, pregabalin and rub in gel. It’s all making me stressed and depressed and very tired. I have fibromyalgia too.


  • Deb73
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    Hi Linda,, im very new to this i just got diagnosed with OA just before lockdown so i don't have any good advice to give you but im sure somebody on here will.
    Sorry to hear you're in so much pain
  • Brynmor
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    Hi Linda, welcome to the Online Community. So sorry to hear that your knee in particular is causing you pain. It can be so exhausting and that just adds to the stress of it all.

    Do get in touch with your doctor/rheumatologist to explain to them and they may be able to help. We have some good suggestions on our website that are worth taking a look at:

    The self-help section may be particularly helpful.

    The important thing to remember is that you are not alone, come and chat here any time and let us know how you are getting on.

    All best wishes