Consultant will be reviewing their list, over the next few months .Is this the way to reduce list's?

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Hi every one this is my first post on this board so please bear with me .

Has any body else received a letter from their consultant in the last few days ?

I have and it was not good , I received a letter from my consultant today ,saying my appointment for the 29 April 2020 has been cancelled, well that's no surprise in view of the pandemic, but as I read on, it stated ,that my consultant will be reviewing his list over the next few months ,and he will contact patients by phone or letter should he feel its necessary. but every patient on his list should be given a new date provided they have survived the pandemic .

How ever I have a feeling certain patients will be left of and waiting lists reduced during this revue. I fear Covid 19 will be used as an excuse ,to get rid of patients from their operating and out patents lists once this pandemic is over.

Is there no end insight to this misery now


Sea Vixon


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    What kind of consultant are you referring to? If it's an orthopaedic then I suspect they are prioritising urgent cases over those who can wait longer. DD

    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    I wouldn’t panic too much just yet. I’ve had a few hospital appointments (for various conditions) cancelled lately with very similar standard letters, but they did get back to me with revised dates. The NHS can’t plan for anything at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you've been dropped out of the system. Try not to panic, chase them up in e or 4 weeks if you haven’t heard back from them by then.

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    Had another letter this morning ,regarding my cataracts appointment ,and like my autherpedicts appointment it to has been cancelled . And according to the letter others are also being put back, so they can not give me a new appointment .

    Yet when I took this appointment through book and choose that's their web site ,I thought I would be far enough down the line to avoid any cancelation , as the site all ready stated all dates between March 20 and August 3d were being left vacant ,due to the corona virus out break .I eventually took August 13 ,at 1.30,(I was bourn on the 13) It now appears 13 is not so lucky, as they cancelled that appointment today . I Can't see this being done this year then .

    It's time I believe that the government opened some hospitals urgently for general surgery ,and specialise surgery, for cancer and heart, other wise the fall out will hit the NHS after the pandemic is over ,and many will die .

    Keeping hope alive

    Sea -Vixon