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After years of excruciating pain in my knees mainly i have recently been diagnosed with ostioarthritis and also psoriatic arthritis im only 47 and needing to keep mobile, but was feeling pretty much alone.

So here i am hoping to get other peoples ideas and experiences of anything that can help with the pain and mobility (i am somewhat overweight and am trying to loose a substantial amount, but from being a quite an active person., im begining to struggle with longer walks)


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    Hi Michaela,

    Welcome to the forum. Snap, you are the same age as me! It can be hard to cope with when you feel you are much too young to be having mobility issues and constant pain. Sadly, you will find many others on the forum in similar situations to yourself - the good thing is there are always people around to offer their experiences and what has worked for them or just to listen and empathise with how you are feeling.

    There are some good pages on our website about dealing with pain and exercises to help mobility. Take a look:

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    Hello, I began psoriatic arthritis when I was 37 (it was finally accurately diagnosed when I was 46) and then OA was diagnosed when I was 52. The PsA was no surprise because I was born with auto-immune inflammatory junk (eczema) and developed more (asthma) when I was 7. Go me! Ma's side of the family donated those, Pa passed on the psoriasis but I do not have much of that and never have.

    I have used walking aids since 2002 and they have helped me to keep mobile and preseve a good ROM, especially in my hips. I was told and taught that they are there for balance and support, not to lean my full body weight upon and I stick to that. I also exercise daily to keep my leg muscles strong and flexible. I do walk unaided but I cannot do anything like what I could because arthritis is progressive and degenerative and over 23 years I have progressed and degenerated accordingly.

    Arthritis is a case of mind over matter: I do mind but that doesn't matter. Arthritis has changed how I live my life but it has not changed what I get from it. DD

    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben