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Hi I've had pain in my left leg, for years , was told lose wait, after 5 years and a new doctor, had a mri, xray ..told I have servere osteoarthritis,
Had my hospital appointment come may 2020, now cancelled...I just cant wait to be told I'm needing a new hip and it happens.


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    Hi @MARIE49

    Welcome to the online community, it's great that you have joined our community, It is the best place for you to wait for your hospital appointment, what timing!

    This is what we have about hip surgery.

    When I had a new knee I was in a position a bit like you but I had to get older. In the process I did lose 3 stones in weight, it was hard. Losing weight does really make a difference, not necessarily to the weight bearing bit but to the movement not impaired by as much fat, that sounds awful, sorry, you can also imagine the difficulty for the surgeon trying to find your hip.

    The other thing I did before surgery was to do joint school, if you get the chance take it, it's only a one half day session but you get exercises to do before your op. They are the same as the exercises you do post op - you could ask your physio - you can self refer in England and Wales - what they do is make your muscles strong to keep your new joint in position and make it easier for you to move it after the operation, which makes recovery quicker.

    Hopefully that will give you choices while you have to wait for surgery. You will find others in the same boat as you, waiting for surgery, keep popping in and posting, help anyone you can and enjoy your time here too, we have had discussions with those after weight loss sharing and losing - I don't think we've had a hip exercise class yet, maybe you could start one!

    Take care

    Yvonne x

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    Hello, I have OA in numerous joints and a different arthritis in fewer, it isn't fun but after 23 years it's a way of life and I am used to it. I think it must be far harder when it only affects one or two joints as the pain is much more apparent.

    There is no doubt that covid19 has affected so much of what we take for granted, especially with the NHS. Losing weight is important because it helps one to recover after surgery - the lesser the strain on the new joint the better. Replacements are good but they are not as good as natural joints simply because they are not natural. Exercise is also important both before and after surgery, the stronger and more flexible the muscles which support the joint the better the surgical outcome can be. Exercise is not running three miles on a treadmill, it is much more about walking and doing targeted isometric tasks, making your muscles work against resistance. DD

    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    When I lost 3 stone, I felt good, as soon as I started exercising, I would be in bed at night crying like a baby in so much pain..I gave up, I thought I was doing good for myself, but my physio said aqua only now as I was aggravating my hip...not one pain killer helped.. since I've stopped exercising I'm not crying, but still have pain..but it doesn't matter if I stand , sit, after minutes of either I cant walk..wait a few mins then move about...its a vicious circle.. I've just had a stair rails put in my home to help at night...
    So I dont feel any better what ever I do... I know its affecting my other hip too, I'm getting burning in my bursa, so its affecting my knees too..I feel like I need a new bottom half.. I'm only 48...😒