Lock down

I am currently on 12 week compulsory lockdown ,I can't exercise a lot as I live in a 1 bedroom flat, I'm suffering constant leg pain and trouble sleeping what medication are people taking and any other advice would be appreciated thanks.


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    Hi Markabc

    welcome to the forums it is lovely to have you here. Sorry to hear you are struggling with constant leg pain and having trouble sleeping, it can't be easy in a one bedroom flat. You might find some of the exercises on these pages helpful as they have been developed to help with managing pain. Do you usually get out and about when you are not in lockdown?

    We also have a section on top tips to help with sleeping here

    I also know our amazing members will share their experiences with you as they have some amazing ideas

    Best Wishes


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    Hi, I’m new to the realities of OA, and also have constant pain down my leg which keeps waking me up. My doc has prescribed cocodamol and Naproxen anti-inflammatory, with omeprazole to protect my stomach. They have offered stronger pain killers but the side effects of some of them are so awful I’d rather put up with some degree of pain. It does at least take the edge off the referred pain down my leg.

    I’m trying to work out a balance of exercise to keep my muscles strong and flexible, and rest following a massive flare up caused by a fall and me hugely abusing my hip before I realised OA had wrecked my joints. This site has a good list of exercises you can do for OA in your hips (or whatever joints are affected). I did all of them on day 1 and regretted it 😅, so I’m trying to be a bit more sensible. Are you able to go for your allotted daily walk? It’s better than nothing, even if it’s just twice round the block.

    I gather keeping yourself occupied is also good at taking your mind off the pain and makes it more bearable. Perhaps you could have a go at that hobby you’ve never had time for before, link up for evenings in with your mates or family over the Internet (we’ve had some very enjoyable virtual parties), ring that old friend or relative you’ve not spoken to for years, start a new box set on tv, write a novel, short story or polish up the perfect limerick.

    Have a good book by your bed for those nights when the pain keeps you awake at night (don’t surf the net, it will keep you awake even worse), and try experimenting with cushions to prop your leg in a more comfortable position, I find that really helps. (I put one between my knees when lying on my side, or under my knees when on my back, or for when I sleep on my stomach, I move it to the side so that my hip is slightly propped up, which seems to help.)

    I’m sure others who have more experience than me of managing this wretched condition will come along with ideas. You're not alone, thank heaven for Internet support forums!

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    Hello, I am sorry you find yourself in this situation. I am shielding but can go out for exercise as long as I maintain social distancing rules. I prefer not to and am exercising at home following my own regime which is a mixture of post-op physio exercises and stuff I have done in the past.

    I think there is confusion about the meanings of lockdown, social distancing, self-isolation and shielding, as I see it lockdown means nothing is open apart from food stores, social distancing means staying at least six feet apart when out (hence the lines in supermarkets), self-isolation is what you do if you exhibit any of the symptoms of covid19 and shielding is being done by those on immuno-suppressantmeds or with underlying conditions such as asthma, COPD and the like.

    Meds-wise I inject meth and humira for my psoriatic arthritis and cocodamol for the OA.

    I spend most of my time in either my dining room or bedroom. I am keeping myself occupied with reading, doing puzzles and crafts etc while listening to Radio4 Extra and watching telly. I take minimum pain relief, haven't slept well for years so this is no different. It is a little demoralising to hear that social distancing may well continue because that jeopardises unlocking the lockdown: how can diners stay six feet apart in a restaurant or pub? DD

    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    Having not been able to get a steroid injection because of covid19 i am suffering with pain also which is stopping me from getting a good sleep. Rheumatology told that by not sleeping it can make things worse as sleeping helps your joints recover. So i had got myself into abit of a mess.
    Anyway the nurse prescribed me nityptiline. Which has worked great. Also there are loads free yoga apps for shielding an vunerable on the go just now. I find yoga very helpful for losing off joints.