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Morning.Ive decided to seek support and advice about the OA in my fingers as it’s now keeping me awake at night.Looking forward to hearing other people’s experiences and over time sharing mine.


  • Sharon_K
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    Hi Blue88

    welcome to the forums and we are delighted you have taken that first step to seek support and advice. The community here is very supportive and I am sure they will share their experiences with you.

    We have a section on the website which you may find useful

    On a personal level I find keeping my hands warm helps me. I also found this thread from earlier in the year that you can click on.

    Keep us up to date with how you get on and what you find helps you

    Best Wishes


  • Blue88
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    Thanks.Still navigating around the website and forums and just found my initial post
    I feel v humbled when I read some of the dreadfully painful story’s.I guess it’s quite common to feel sorry for urself(I do) but I’m probably out of the denial stage now and although I havnt totally accepted I will only get worse I want to remain fit(golf) as long as possible and get advice about keeping rational when I drop pills or plates