The nearest thing to a cure.....for some!


When I realised that I was going to be restricted to a life of drugs and pain I did two things. Having suffered from RA for some time and being prescibed NSID's and Ibuprofin (and we all no the long term effects) I did some research. What I found was that many European countries, rather than prescribe some nasty drugs, send sufferers to the Dead Sea. So I went. I went for five weeks to a resort in Jordan. It was quite hard work, mostly because of the flys and having to lay out in the sun all day every day. It is not possible to get sunburn as the lenght of the UV rays are so much longer and there is an almost invisable haze which hangs over the sea.

The combination of sun and the Dead Sea mud, which is smeared all over you from head to foot, plus 'sitting' in the water (you will float, I am sure you have seen the pictures) is efficacious to the extreme! At least it was for me. For many years I was virtually symptom free. I wish I could have stayed longer but I just don't have the wherewithall to.

Some of the people I met, as mentioned above, are sent there by their health systems (Sweden, Denmark and Germany), fully paid for. The treatments are not just for arthritis but also psoriasis and many other skin conditions, often associated with arthritis. It is a totally natural 'cure', has no side effects apart from emptying your wallet. This seems to me to be something the NHS should consider. Ask your GP although they may well not be educated in it's benefits.

If this is beyond the realm of possibility for you, as it will be for most (ideally you need to go for a couple of months to apprecaiate the full benefits) see my post on Cannabis.

The second thing I did was move to Southern Spain. Here you can enjoy a cheap life and the possibility to make your own cannabis oil, organic and free from other chemicals. If you grow it you know what it is and not the rip off CBD oils being sold at exorbitant prices in the UK.

I would just add that in the five weeks I was there I saw things that were biblical in nature. Not just the pillars of salt at Sodem and Gormora, but transformations in peoples lives.


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    Hi mac4096

    welcome to the online community andthank you for sharing your experience of marijuana and CBD oil. As you will know CBD is type of cannabinoid – a natural substance extracted from the cannabis plant and often mixed with an oil (such as coconut or hemp) to create CBD oil. It does not contain the psychoactive compound called tetrahydrocannabidiol (THC) which is associated with the feeling of being ‘high’.

    Research in cannabinoids over the years suggests that they can be effective in treating certain types of chronic pain such as pain from nerve injury, but there is currently not enough research evidence to support using cannabinoids in reducing musculoskeletal pain. We welcome further research to better understand its impact and are intently following developments internationally.

    CBD oil can be legally bought as a food supplement in the UK from heath food shops and some pharmacies. However, CBD products are not licensed as a medicine for use in arthritis by MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority) or approved by NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) or the SMC (Scottish Medicines consortium).

    We know anecdotally that CBD has reduced symptoms for some people. If you’re considering using CBD to manage the pain of your arthritis, it’s important to remember it cannot replace your current medicines, and it may interact with them, so please do not stop/start taking anything without speaking to a healthcare professional.

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    I totally agree that no one should substitute presciption drugs for cannabis products, I still take methotrexate as well as full spectrum cannabis oil (including THC) which I make myself from organically grown plants. However, just because the 'evidence' is anecdotal does not mean it does not work, although maybe not for everyone. For more than 5,000 years it has been documented as a beneficial medication and the fact that governments have dragged their feet in legalising it's use is not just counterproductive, it leave millions of people who could benefit from its use, suffering. Professor Nut resigned over this very issue.

    There is an argument that governments won't authorise it's home production and use because drug companies don't want it 'out there'. Much work is going on in Madrid which is much more than anecdotal and they actually supply seeds, specifically designed for specific medicinal use, for purchase worldwide.

    Consulting with your GP will probably yeald little ackowledgement of it's benefits because it does not feature on their list of medication, often dictated by pharmaceutical corporations who lobby governments because of their massive financial power and let's not forget the 'revolving door'. Life is not fair. We may think we live in a democracy but most sentient humans know that 'big pharma' are the real governers when it comes to medecine. Just look at the morphine crisis in America!

    Most people benefiting from the use of full spectrum cannabis are purchasing it from dealers selling other drugs which are NOT beneficial medically and often adictive (marijuana is not addictive despite what you may hear). Being allowed to grow at home means you can select the best strain for your illness, it will be free of anything that dealers may add and it is a fraction of the cost.

    In my opinion the current restrictions on the growing and use of marijuana is destructive and rediculous. At the very least it should be grown and controlled by a governing body. Look at the success in the USA and Canada where states have leaglised it. Money doesn't go to criminal and terrorist coffers, it's taxed so millions go back to the state and this in NOT anecdotal.

    I understand your arguments but in my very long experience of using it there are no side effects other than a pleasant 'high'. But you are trailing the government line on this subject. What is needed is education and control so that people can get on with their lives without fear of punishment.