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Further to my Hello. i have had a left hip replacement, which was no problem. i then had left knee replacement which has not been right since it was done.My iconsultant said threr was no further treatment, apart from re-doing it. At my age anf with my medical history I did not think that was a good idea. I also have OA and RA. I am on thyroid medication, have had a possible heart attack/ further to that i have sleep apnoea, i have also been diagnosed with possible peripheral neuropathy. as well as being pre-diabetic

I am in continual pain, and as I cannot take opiods i am left to take paracetamol. which are mostly ineffective. i have been referred to the Pain Management programme but all they seem to talk about is Pacing. (Just had first session-despite being referred last September)

Sorry for the long history but needed to get it all off my chest. Thank you/