Hi all new to this !

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Im really suffering today iv had to see my dr he as put my depression tablets up i was wondering because of this is my arthritis more painful because of my mood ? I suffer with ptsd too which doesn't help any help appreciated


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    Hi Angie,

    Welcome to the forum. I am sorry to hear you have been having such a difficult time but I am glad you have found the forum and reached out to us. All the members and moderators here have experience with arthritis in some form or another and have an understanding of what you are going through.

    Living with chronic pain takes a huge toll on mental health at the best of times, let alone with the isolation measures currently in place and your ptsd so it is completely understandable if things seem particularly hard right now. I am glad to see you have been in contact with your doctor. We have a telephone helpline at Versus Arthritis, if you feel that talking with someone may help. It's free to call and available Mon-Fri 9am-8pm.

    Pain is multifactorial with mental and physical factors. Have you ever been referred to or tried a NHS pain clinic? If not, this may be worth speaking to your GP about.

    Different things work for different people, I personally have found meditation and breathing exercises to be helpful.  Headspace is offering some meditations which can be accessed for free via their app https://www.headspace.com/covid-19.

    I’m sure our members will soon jump in to share their own advice as well.

    Please check back in and let us know how you are getting on.

    Best wishes,