Can’t sleep

Anyone else struggle with sleep?
For the past couple of weeks all I’ve done is sleep sleep sleep which I know is a symptom of my RA but lately I’ve been really struggling to sleep. First of all getting to sleep takes me a good hour or so then I’m awake again every couple of hours until i eventually get out of bed at around 6am (which is early for me!) I feel SO tired throughout the day which I usually nap but for some reason I can’t even do that it’s like my brain won’t switch off! Not sure if it’s the steroids but I’m just so tired but can’t sleep! It’s currently 3:55 am and I’m sat on here as I can’t sleep! Haha


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    A lot of arthritis sufferers struggle with sleep, it goes with the territory unfortunately. I have widespread OA and usually manage about 3 hours a night and then have to get up as my pain level becomes intense, then I sit in my recliner for most of the day, frequently nodding off mid afternoon and early evening for between 10 and 20 minutes. Surprisingly I am tired all of the time, lethargic and if I am not careful depression sets in quickly. I saw my GP about it last year and his reaction was that it didn't matter as I can't work anyway. See your GP, you may get a better result.

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    Take a look at this info


    Interesting reading anyway, but sleep disturbance is listed as a side effect.

    Hope that at least reassures you that it shouldn't be forever.


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    When my daughter was on chemo she had loads of steroids dexamethasone and they certainly did affect her sleep. She was advised to take them in the morning as early as possible.

    They also made her a bit more emotional than usual. Given she was 16 at the time it wasn't great for me either!

    There was a lady who used to come here who used to say she was 'on the ceiling' when she was on prednisone!

    Take care @Liv20

    Toni x

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    Hey Liv!
    I also used to struggle to sleep but my gp prescribed amitriptyline to help so on a night I take the amitriptyline along with codeine and etoricoxib to help with the pain. Might be worth speaking to your GP if you can x
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    Hi there,

    I just saw this - and thought of you

    Let me know if it's helpful and share your bedtime routine

    Yvonne x

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    I don't sleep well and haven't done so for years. As usual the GPs answer is more medication, as usual my response is no thanks. On the odd nights I do manage some effective sleep the next day is written off due to increased pain and a harder-than-usual-to-shift immobility. DD

    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
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    There is a widely acknowledged tendency for sleep to be disturbed during 'unusual times' and I've read a number of recent explanatory articles on the subject.

    For those whose sleep is disturbed during normal times it's no wonder, then, that the issue becomes more of a problem when life departs from established routines but I guess we just have to accept it and not worry about it as there are no simple answers. That's easier said than done but at least we know we are not alone and can think of each other during wakeful periods - counting VA members makes a change from counting sheep!