I have osteoarthritis in both knees left one been bone on bone also in ankle and right hip.
Was due for operation for knee replacement but was put on hold due to coronavirus.
Am really suffering with pain in left knee and can't get steroid injection as gp is not doing any face to face appointments. So having to rely on medication which isn't helping anyone else suffering and got any advice.


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    @Kpl4770 Hi

    and welcome to the online community! It is really bad to have been told what you need to improve and then be told it can't go ahead. It sounds like your left knee is the worst at the moment. I'm including the information on osteoarthritis because there may be some tips or hints that will help you be more comfortable.

    I had my right knee replaced a little while ago and I really benefitted from going to joint school. It's run by the hospital and designed to tell us just what to expect and what to do eith a view to getting us out of hospital quicker. The best bit I found was seeing the exercises we would be doing afterwards to make sure our joints would make the best progress. We were advised to do them before going in to make those muscles good and strong to support the joint and keep it where it was meant to be.

    This is the link to post op exercises at an NHS hospital

    Please visit our other discussons and see if you can offer any help or advice to our members, visit the cafe for a drink and a chat or take a look at the Chit Chat zone for light relief

    Take care

    Yvonne x

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    Thanks 8 will take a look
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    I Also have bone on bone oesteoarthiritis in my right knee and was also on waiting list for it to be done only for it to be cancelled due to covid 19.

    I also had my steroid injection cancelled for my left knee as I have meniscal tear due to wear tear oesteoarthiritis.

    My mobility is decreasing by week and my joints are becoming very stiff and sore due to inactivity .

    Ive been taking naproxen 500mg twice day but they don’t help much .

    All I can suggest is to keep up with exercises they do help with pain and stiffness .

    I feel your pain 😥