Foot pain/bunion

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Hi all hope you all keeping safe with that nasty covid-19. Anyway I've noticed that I have developed a bunion but at the time I thought it was inflammation my consultant confirmed it. Any tips any one for this. The thing is the pain is across my foot not just at the bone near my big toe.


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    Hi @Yellowstone welcome to the online Community.

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    Here is a page from our web site on osteoarthritis of the foot and information regarding bunions:

    If osteoarthritis in the feet is left untreated, cartilage can wear away completely. This might cause the bones of your foot to join together. When this happens in the big toe, it’s known as hallux rigidus.

    Hallux rigidus and osteoarthritis in your big toe can cause this toe to lean towards your other toes. When this happens, it’s called a bunion or hallux valgus.

    The page has additional information on managing the condition and a set of relief exercises that you might try.

    All best wishes