How to prevent or delay arthritis!!

Actual arthritis patient here... Some of it is genetic. I started having joint pain in my late 20's. The first few doctors said it was due to my job (I was a server/bartender). They gave me prescription shoes thinking that would help. A few years later I got "pink eye" that didn't go away. Then they ran blood tests. Yep, I had hit the (unlucky) genetic lottery. My immune system was attacking my joints and soft tissue. I've been taking a infusion therapy (every 8 weeks) ever since. I'm approaching 40 now and have no symptoms due to the medication and exercise.

The BEST thing, outside of medication, (for psoriatic arthritis at least) is staying active. My feet and hips would hurt, so i'd play WoW for hours at a time. Do NOT do that. Once you stand the pain comes back even worse. The worst part of my day (prior to medication) was in the morning when i had been in bed all night. The more you move, the less pain you have.

I went from holding onto the furniture to walk to being able to run a 5k, by changing my exercise habits, losing some weight, and taking my medication. I could run even further if i'd exercise more than i do now. It isn't the arthritis holding me back anymore.


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    Hi @carlosmathinson welcome to the online Community. Great to have you here.

    Thankyou for relating your story - there are some great tips in there, especially about exercise and keep moving to help relieve the pain. Good to hear that you are now running as well as managing your arthritis so well.

    Do join in across the Community, ask questions, give support or just call in for a chat.

    All best wishes