Turmeric tablets

Hi does anybody know if these work. My Doctor as took me off the methertrexate due to it lowering the emmune system. Gave me pain killers but not any good for flare ups..


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    Hi @Colin it's great to meet you,

    I'm glad you managed to find us, the online community is a great place to find out about living with any of the arthritis conditions and about how to manage your condition the best way possible.

    It sounds like you have one of the inflammatory arthritis types, the reason to take methotrexate is to lower the immune system, the thinking being to stop your immune system running around doing you damage by being overactive. Did you not react well to the medication? There are others if so, I'm sure your consultant will be looking out for you.

    Flares are very tricky to manage, at these times it's best to be kind to yourself, be gentle with the flaring joints and keep gently stretching and managing your other joints.

    Here's some information on complementary meds in general

    and here is some research regarding turmeric in particular

    As to whether it will help you, I don't know. Lots of people cut out tomatoes/potatoes etc because it can aggravate symptome but I haven't found it so for me. Turmeric seems to be quite safe to try and not too expensive - if you do have a go I hope it gives you benefit. Make sure you keep posting to let us know

    Do take a look around the community and see if there are any posts where you can offer some hints, tips or support - and check out the cafe for a cuppa and a chat!

    Take care

    Yvonne x

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    Hi Ive just started on Turmeric, so fingers crossed!

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    I tried Tumeric a few years ago in tablet form. It gave me terrible tummy cramps

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    Oops! Hope that doesn't happen to me!

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    Turmeric is a non-effective 'treatment' for OA. It will not stop the onset of the disease, nor stop it progressing or remediate joint damage.

    The auto-immune forms of arthritis all have one thing in common: they are caused by an over-active immune system which is why the meds to bring disease activity under control do so by suppressing the immune system. Yes, we are left more vulnerable to infection but avoiding illness is actually quite easy: hand hygeine is key as is avoiding people who are ill.

    People do misunderstand the role of meds such as methotrexate and how they work: my mother never grasped that boosting my immune system would make things worse rather than improve them. If you want to reduce disease activity (and therefore joint damage, deformation and other troubles too) with an auto-immune arthritis then the DMARDs such as meth, leflunomide, sulphasalazine, hydroxy and cyclosporin are the key. DD

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    My experience of turmeric was it made no difference to my joints pain or anything to do with RA but they made a whole difference to my crohns and I spent many an unhappy hour and days running to the loo.