Shielding letter - now what?

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Hi all,

Received my shielding letter 12 days ago and registered immediately on gov website. I’ve heard nothing since. Does anyone have experience of what happens or is supposed to happen next?? Sorry if I’m being a bit thick!



  • dreamdaisy
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    The same with me but as I ticked the box stating I didn't need any assistance I was not expecting any response. I registered so that if my circumstances changed I might find it easier to ask for help as they will have my data (whoever they are). DD

    Have you got the despatches? No, I always walk like this. Eddie Braben
  • Adi65
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    A few weeks after receiving my letter and registering on line I had a letter from my local council asking if they could help with anything on the back of letter phone numbers of the main supermarkets to register for booking shopping slots .Fortunately I did not need to as family are close at hand and willling to help.

  • BettyMac
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    What next?

    In our case . . . . Tumbleweed

    Husband and self are both shielding. We both got letters from the NHS, registered on the govt website as advised and each received several garbled texts - but apart from that, nothing

    It took over five weeks to gain access to priority slots for online shopping.

    Luckily, I had well stocked cupboards and freezer to fall back on so we didn’t go hungry.

    i wonder how many others fell through the gaping cracks In the system and have been in real need?